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Phonics Songsplus,
Grades 1 & 2

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Phonics SongsPlus , Grade 1

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Latin & Greek Word Roots, Book 2, For High School to College Students Latin & Greek Word Roots, Book 1, High School through College Students Latin & Greek Roots, Grade 6 - High School Latin and Greek Word Roots Grade 5 - High School
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Latin & Greek Word Roots, Grade 4+ Prefixes Suffixes
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Prefixes, Suffixes, & Roots, Gr. 4+ Phonics, Grade 2+ Phonics, Grade 3+ Phonics, Grade 4+
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Phonics Word Sort Game Boards, Grade 1+ Phonics Word Sort Game Boards, Grade 2+ Rapid Reading Intervention, Book 1 Rapid Reading Intervention, Book 2
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Testimonials about

“This year’s group is just not getting the sounds.  Lots of issues. 

So sad to see them struggle. Can’t believe the difference with the Donny and Marie songs.  Kids don’t even think they are doing school work!" Thanks. 

Vita Mae J.

“Kids love the songs and the finger-point reading really works!  I use this as a support to my reading program.  I like that it includes phonics and sight words.” Also, being able to slow the voice is helpful to many children." 

A.G First Grade Teacher

I love music and I think the songs are a great selection for children.  Teaching them to read with them is a real bonus and being able to change the speed is helpful. “

PRS Parent

“I use songs with my class all of the time.  I tend to use the older children’s songs because they move along at a slower pace.  These are like those songs and perfect for teaching phonics and reading.”

E.M.J.  Second Grade Teacher

“What a great idea!  Finger-point reading.  I have always thought that children memorized the songs, not the words.  Love them all, By the Beach, perfect for teaching the difficult sh, ch, th wh , combo’s."

Jenny T.  First Second Grade Teacher

“I use these mainly for language themes.  Life on the Farm , and What Would We Do If?  are favorites.  Kids act out them out.  Will send short videos.”  

Erin V.
Grade 3 Teacher

Struggling Reader Programs meet or exceed Common Core Standards.

We were delighted when we found your book Greek and Latin Roots.

As 7th grade Language Arts teachers, we were delighted when we found your book Greek and Latin Roots. We have been struggling with "to spell or not to spell" in 7th grade. The traditional word lists seemed to be working for fewer and fewer students. Because our year long focus is on vocabulary strategies, not just rule memorization, this book fit right in. We have
used it all year with our 7th graders and hear positive comments from them (amazing!) and from other core content teachers who are picking up these roots in content vocabulary as well. We are considering using Book 2 with 8th grade next year. Thank you for filling this need so well.

Ginny Struble
Sandra Moore
Christine Smith

I've used some of your products with my son who has dyslexia. His reading has really improved. Thank you!


I am a huge fan of your materials. I have used them with students of all ages and have had great success. Keep producing quality reading materials for students!

Cheryl Ghee

Thank you...I believe this program, Fluency and Phonics, has made the real difference in my son's improvement!

With Kind Regards,
Candace F.

Mr. Glavach-

I just wanted to thank you for the great resources you are sharing on the website. I wouldn't call my son a struggling reader, but like many young boys, he has the energy level and attention span of a hummingbird. The short, focused lessons are just the ticket for him, and his reading has improved, as well as his spelling. The helpful hints are... helpful!

Again- thanks so much for your program.

- Susan RaberI

"Used the third grade Quick Reading Intervention last year with my struggling students...Fantastic Results!! It will be part of the whole class curriculum this year!"

- L.Z.

Dear Dr. Glavach:

I noticed your advertisement in the International Reading Association's newspaper. As a reading consultant, I continually search for innovative programs and best practice reading instruction. I believe I have found just that in your free programs. I printed a copy of How to Short-Circuit Reading Intervention and am very excited about implementing the program with our school's struggling middle schoolers. I completely agree with the features and benefits outlined in your book; I especially love the program's consistency and ease of use, an ease built upon cutting edge research on learning.

By far, I most appreciate the free offer, since teachers never have enough funds for all they need in their classrooms. In addition, your prices for other programs are wonderfully low and so are accessible to almost all. Thank you so much for this opportunity to enhance my reading program - it's truly a wonderful, philanthropic service for our youths and their futures.

Diane Toscano
Reading Consultant

Love the phonics books (Phonics, Grades2+, 3+, & 4+).  
I used the books with my daughter who was struggling with reading, she was able to very quickly begin to read fluently and went from a struggling 2nd grade level to a solid 5th grade level reader in less then a year.  She is 9 years old and was recently able to read Harry Potter the Sorcerers Stone and now enjoys reading, mainly because she can now read the level of material that she is interested in, rather then books targeted at younger children.

Tricia Dyer

I am very impressed with the Core Reading program.
The students love it. During their independent choice work time, they ask to work on the packets. After Lesson 7 or 8 I almost had to hide the upcoming lesson packets because students were taking them off the shelf before I had a chance to introduce the lesson -- to work on them on their own! Each lesson has a similar format, which allows the student to be self-directed and comfortable with what is coming next.

One-on-one time with each student is built into each lesson. This has been a real treat for me as it has been completely "doable." The 2-3 minutes spent with each student is invaluable; the other students are so involved with other Core activities that management problems are almost non-existent -- these struggling readers are engaged!

Geri Gmahling, Title I
Middle School English Support Teacher.03

The last product I looked at was Latin & Greek Word Roots. This one got completely "Field Tested" as I used it to teach 7th and 8th grade students in a co-op that we were involved with. The program was easy to use and the students enjoyed it. Each week, words are introduced in ABC order. Students make study cards, do worksheets, talk about the derivatives and use the words in their writing. A quiz is provided to test each week's understanding. Every three weeks, one week is devoted to review, with interesting word searches and other activities provided for study. This program is completely laid out for ease of use and my students really enjoyed it ----- and learned a lot of new words!


Product Review by: Christine Field, The Old Schoolhouse Magazine

The Core Reading program, a program designed to improve the basic reading comprehension skills of secondary students, is the best of its kind.

It has increased the linguistic ability of my high-school continuation students without being boring or insulting to their intelligence, and I have not heard one complaint!


My students work on their packets with drive and enthusiasm. This program has shown me what I have believed all along. Words can be adventurous, exciting and a great learning experience.


Jan Freifeld

Continuation High School

English Instructor

Glavach and Associates:

I am an Instructional Assistant working in a Resource Specialist Program. I work with children in kindergarten through third grade levels. My students have specific learning disabilities in visual memory, perception, organization, and sequential skills. Alpha-Bits is an excellent resource that I use to enhance my program and further develop my students learning processes. It’s fun and easy to teach, and my student’s abilities have greatly improved.


Donna Dietrich

Resource Specialist Program Instructional Assistant