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Spelling by Word Parts, Grade 3+

Spelling by Word Parts,
Grade 4+

Spelling by Word Parts, Grade 4+

Spelling by Word Parts, Grade 4+, Multisyllable Words is a multisensory program for studying spelling.  It uses a visual, auditory, and kinesthetic approach: seeing the word, listening to the word, saying the word, and writing the word. 

Spelling by Word Parts, Grade 4+, Multisyllable Words  is for students needing regular systematic instruction for spelling and for students having difficulty with spelling.

  •  teaches spelling words in consistent patterns. (Organizing words by identical or similar word endings helps students spell, and also pronounce and comprehend, words.)  

  • contains words with identical or similar word endings, students learn clusters of words that share common elements:  nation, vacation, and population, for example.

  •  has words in syllables with a graphic aid to help student practice.  The Practice Spelling Test contains the exact number of lines for the letters in the word to help students correctly spell each word. 

  • The program uses important high frequency reading and spelling words, including multisyllable words from the National Reading Vocabulary and other important spelling word sources for grade 4.  


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