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Common Core Words
Common Core Words


 Common Core Words: Reading, Spelling, and Vocabulary. Middle and High School


An enjoyable and easy-to-use program, Common Core Words: Reading, Spelling, and Vocabulary engages middle school and high school students and teaches important common core words.  The program puts the words in predictable rhyme patterns to make learning the words much easier. As students complete the program's activities, they improve reading and spelling and expand their vocabularies.

To become proficient readers, students must go beyond identifying letters for each sound. They must access syllables and words in long term memory. This makes reading faster because words can be read in patterns.  New brain research shows that spelling can improve reading, especially when words are presented in predictable patterns.  By processing letter patterns in words, students reading and spelling improve almost immediately.  Also, this makes it possible for students to read and spell multisyllable words they have never seen before.


GA238 Print Version
Middle School-High School, All Students
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