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Big Words Made Easy, Grade 5+
 Big Words Made Easy, Grade 5+

New approach to reading and spelling, uses the brain's
natural ability for patterns, rhymes, and rhythms.


Big Words Made Easy, Grade 5+

Big Words Made Easy, Grade 5+ has 20 lessons.  Each lesson has the same structure,
                    making the program comfortable for students and easy for teachers to present.


  • Presents important high frequency reading words, including most multisyllable words from the National Reading Vocabulary for grade 5, in consistent patterns

  • Helps students gain reading and spelling skills in a high frequency reading word context that they need for reading their textbooks and other classroom materials

  • Develops automatic word recognition

  • Is enjoyable for teachers and students

GA149 Print Version
Print Version Currently Unavailable
 $6.99 - Kindle Version (Available on Amazon)

GA149 - Electronic PDF Edition
$15.00 For a limited time only $6.99

Big Words Made Easy, Grade 5+

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