07 July 18 - Matt, Today I have aligned "Learning to Read with Real Books" (GA225) to the new template, and have converted it to the PDF form for submitting it to Amazon.  Of course this is minus any changes you make.  When I get done with this note I will put a link to a template for you to use with any new books you write.  It is Amazon's required template for 8x11 books.  If you ever want a different sized book, be sure to let me know because I've never considered another size until just now.

Tomorrow - I will take your article and drop it into the template and get it fixed up, and then convert it over to the PDF.

After that I will be waiting on you for changes, fixes, additions. 

Also, as far as changes in descriptions go, send them any time.  They take only a few minutes to do.  They are no issue at all.  Just remember to specify where it goes.  When I am tired and want an afternoon nap, and my head is saying get this work done first, then explicit instructions really help.

Speaking of explicit, Clyde said he is very much a willing guinea pig for you.  Send instructions for him.  We'll get 'er done, and send back the info you want on it. 

This morning I got the note that Latin & Greek Word Roots, Social Studies was accepted for Paperback.  So, it is now live. (as they say)

It is almost 10 pm.  I have a habit of staying much later than this, but I am tired tonight.  So, I am going to quit.  Just as soon as I get this template on here for you.  Just click on the link with your right mouse button, choose download from the menu, and the browser will save the template for you.
It is in Microsoft Word format.  An older version at that.  It would be very helpful if you would use this template for new work.  I can convert from Word Format to PDF (Kindle style) very easily, and make short order of the work this way.  Going from OLD style to Kindle to NEW style, has been doing everything backwards.   But, I would not have known until I actually jumped in, so there we go.  We know for the future. 

Amazon approved your description change on Fluency & Phonics 1.  It is also live already.

I got the order that came in from a Linda D.  (ga133)

Take care, Peg



08 JULY 2018

Got several emails from you today.  We went out this morning.  And will be leaving again in a couple of hours.  Then I'll be working again.  Oh, assuming since you found the link you also found this page. LOL (little details, as my mother would say)

Inserted here is a graphic with several fonts on them.  I will paste in a list here, be sure to scroll down in case I think of something else to say.  Peg

FONT 11: HEALD---- Just see if any of these work for you.  I liked the first one, "Learning to Read with", but it was very bad with the words, "REAL BOOKS".  The original cover is done with a Western style font.  So, I threw four different kinds of those in there.


I am glad there is not close up time table.  I failed to mention that I was in ER the other night.  I knew it was my hernia somehow. I could not explain it except to say that the pain was intense, and akin to labor pains,  or maybe a charlie horse, only in the lower chest and to the right.  Called the doctor, he said to go to ER to rule out a 'cardiac event'.  So that was ruled out.  I was having something called, "Esophagul Spasms." They are rare.  Naturally, Ive got them.  I'm on yet another new medication. Another got doubled.  So, on a particularly painful day, considering these things might come and go, for forever (or not) --- I worked through most the day the other day with the pain.  But, it was slow work compared to normal.  I had to work to concentrate.  This new medication. I must crush the pill, stir it into two ounces of water, then take it 1 hour before/after food, and 2 hours before/after other medications.  Finding the schedule for this... for times a day!!  This will be a chore.  The good news is I've worked it into my day twice today!! LOL

Just wanted you to know.  I was in ER,  I don't know 6-7 hours.  It kind of made short work of trying to work.  :) Peg

p.m. -- I just realized.  I do not know when I forgot, but I need to link these books that I have finished and gone live with, from the website to Amazon.  I need to remove the prices from the website too, on those pages.  lol, more work!! Yay!!! hahahahaha

I am getting your emails, and I am sorry about your little machine & having to start over.  We'll be going to Orland soon if you want to meet up and I can look at it again.  See if I can fix something.  Long trip for that though, I know.  I am have already been looking for a book graphic, or symbol for a book.  I'm ahead of you.  But, I am also not happy with what I have found so far.  :)  P


9 July 2018 -  I am done with the guts of the Learning to Read with Real books now.  So, now I will move on to the cover.   I have added to study to the back and with Appendix 10.  So, I can upload this part of the book to Amazon.    There was something else, but, I Don't remember what it was. When I remember I'll ask. Ha! I remembered.  The advertisement for the back of the book.  I thought I'd highlight the Latin & Greek Word Root Series?

 10 July 2018 - Descriptions on L&G 4,5, & 6 are done.  I am getting behind on the cover for Learning to Read.  We headed out last night, to take Clyde to ER.  We got into Roseburg, when he said, "I never thought to check my sugars, I bet it's low blood sugar."  So, we went to Taco Bell rather than ER.  Then since we were in town we went to Walmart.  Another 3 or 4 hours gone.  Like I told him though, better to be safe than sorry.  He was sweating profusely and was cold and clammy.  His color was horrible.  I was not going to doubt it when he said he did not feel good.

We are going to try and make it to Orland next week sometime.  We are waiting for a break in appointments.  Those are rare.

By re-submitting Short Circuit ,you mean: 1. Redoing some text  or cover and re-submitting to Amazon?  Or re-submitting descriptions?  Or including them on an ad page in the books??

All are available to you.  Just send instructions or descriptions.   I am really super tired today. I do not know why.  I have to go out and water my gold fish.  LOL, the pond is very low.  Sounds fun to say I need to water them though.  Have you heard of the Alexa echo that Amazon sells??

As of today for us at least, people can now send messages to each other via Alexa.  They can also make phone calls to people in their contact list.  What is very cool about this, is that you don't have to pick up a phone.  You just talk to Alexa (a little work in the App setting it up.)  We tested it this morning, and Alexa asked which phone number to use to send the message to. Then a message went out to my  youngest.  hehe, I can send the kids, "I love you" notes....  I just think it's too cool.  I was reading today about how one person envisions this Alexa in helping Seniors and keeping them engaged with self care, etc.  I sure am wondering how we can get Alexa to help kids read.  She can play the music and the audio from the lessons.  People will not neccessarily need cd, or computer anymore.  We need to start thinking, "hand free" and "audio" --- to keep up with what I guess is new techonology.  I should forward you these articles when I read them.  I guess after the email is fixed. LOL

I think I am going to get those pages on the website, the product pages associated with the books we have on Amazon, directed to Amazon today.  Before I start on the cover again.  I'm still looking for a book, or symbol that will work.  I've got fonts that are nothing but symbols.  I'm going to look through those today.  There are fonts out there, of symbols, relating to school, learning, etc.  I'm going to look for those too.  BTW, I liked what you did on the book cover idea for Learning to Read. I even really liked your choice of fonts.  I am incorporating some of the fonts.  :)

OF course it helps to REMEMBER to upload the message!! 4 hours later. dern it.

11 July 2018 - (Scroll down) I had a board meeting tonight.  I have a director who is very strong headed and really thinks that she is running the show and she's going to do what she wants and we will go along with it.  I have to find a way to tell her to cool her jets, and not have it make her mad or offended. I am not sure that I can do that.  So that is tonights struggle. LOL --boards vote.  They come to a consensus, or they don't do it.  Argh!!  And even if directors agree on a premise, if there is no quorum it is not a legal vote.  She did not like being told that at all. 

 Anyway, I left the black book one, so you have it to compare to.  On the one with the yellow books, and the one with the red books the title has been moved down nearly exactly a quarter inch.  In color theory -- for what it is worth, black, red, and white are a classic combination.  Yellow and red go together really well, black and yellow do too.  I don't know what my problem is.  I am not caring for the yellow much.  It might be that my personal bias is getting in the way.  My mother's kitchen was yellow. I got really sick of yellow growing up.  When we first moved here, the first thing I wanted was the yellow siding taken off the house.  LOL -- So, you decide which you like best.  Once you decide which you like best, then I can lay it into Amazon's template.  In general that won't take long.  Then I can submit the book to Amazon for the paperbacks and then we'll be done with this one.  So, it could conceivably be online and available tomorrow.  Depends on how fast I work. 

Tomorrow from 10 - 3 I have a 'writing grants' class. It is class 2 of 4.  I am unsure of just what I will actually get done.  So, if  I do get anything done, it will be before 10 and after oh, say -- 3:30 or 4:00.  Once we are done with this one, I have two more left in this group.  :)


12 July 2018 - The apostrophe is done on the red book cover. .  So, Yellow frame (border), or try red, or go back to black??  Almost done.   Got a kick of  'bored' joke. LOL, never heard that one before.  I've heard about Histerical Societies.  I have a tendency to agree with that. LOL

pm: have tried to submit to amazon.  I need to lift up the ad page a little.  I think I centered it too low on the page, and I need to embed the fonts, and then they will be ok with it. So, I'll have it submitted within an hour or so.  I'll need a price.  Based on what they've said in the past, my guess is that this book will cost around $2.15 to print.  OF course, I'll put the real value up here when I have it a little later.  But, I'll bet I'll be close to correct.  :) More soon.  P

You need to read this:


Your books don't currently qualify for the above program.  But, I can see trying to make them so they do.   Any book that is mostly reading like "Learning to Read with Real Books", can probably be converted to the proper demensions for this. 

I Have uploaded the new cover for the kindle version of GA225 -Learning to Read with Real Books.  Just, an FYI. P.S. I was right, it costs $2.15 to print. So price?? 

Matt, do you have a smart phone yet?  A phone that gets text messages???  I do, the phone number I gave you gets texts, so you can even text me from the browser these days.  But, I wondered because if you can get texts, then I can just do a short text to let you know the next step is ready for you to check.  :) I won't bug you too much. LOL!!!!  I do that to my kids. hahahahaha!!!

13 July 2018


I will work on Prefixes, Suffixes, and Roots (or rather books with those words in the titles) next.  LOL.  I know there is a book by that title. I may work on that one to get it out of the way and help to avoid mixups.

The Kindle version of Learning to Read, with the new cover is approved, and live.

I am going to take today to work on homework from the writing grants class.  I am now down two homework assignments.  One over due, and the other just due.   This is a 'learning by doing class'.  It really behooves me to get it done because we are going to start meeting the grantors next class, on the 26th.  We students need to be ready for that.   This is really my chance to pitch the society to two big foundations. 

Send descriptions, corrections, or anything like that anytime.  They usually don't take long to fix up. 

I hate it when I have to start over.  It's a pain when you have written a note of any length at all!

Ok, need to get the dishes done, been avoiding them now for a day or two.  Oh, the car tranny, was having trouble with shifting. It's a manual. Clyde did a search on You Tube, and found a video that described the problem to a tee.  We thought we'd be taking it to Aamco, and they'd say we needed a rebuild.  Anyway, the video said it was two tiny little bushings under the battery.  He watched the video to get instructions for changing the bushings.  These bushings cost us less than $20.00.  It is a known and common issue with Chrysler PT Cruisers.  Ours were completely gone.  Non existent.  He fixed it and now we can shift.  But still not as smooth as it could be. So, he listened to a part II video on how to intall these little arms that go in there.  He has to take the console between the front seats up so he can get there.  I guess, the moral of the story is, that You Tube is really handy for these sorts of things.  And it would be a good thing to incorporate video into your books.  We are allowed to put links in the Kindle versions, and we can include the link in hardcopies for people to type into their browsers.    People can and are increasingly visiting You Tube for educational purposes.

I will add $14.95 for the price of Learning w/ Real Books.  And will wait to submit until I get your notes of things to change.  I'll wait because they have to approve all changes, and I want to keep that to a minimum.  It's just downtime from sales.  :)  Peg


New description for Learning to Read is up on the kindle and the paperback versions.  The paperback has been submitted to review. Now we wait.

I have done the description for L&G, 7 -HS.  Am submitting that now.

when I thought to give you the template, I just mainly wanted to encourage you to use it when you come up with new products.  It would save us a step, is all.  But, it's a big step.

But, yes, I've worked out a 'system' so to speak.  I get the program copied into their template, then I go through making the program fit in their template.  This is a page by page process, comparing back to the original PDFs, because they don't change.

Then if I need to work on a cover, I will do it after the content is done. 

I think all of the programs are up on kindle, but with a new one, I'd get it up and on the kindle version first.  Then  wash, rinse and repeat on the paperback version.

 Speaking of washing.  You sister is never allowed here.  I could never, and I mean NEVER pass a dust test. LOL!!!! I used to be a very good housekeeper.  But time has dulled my expectations of myself.  I have very high standards,
but, I am very good at cutting corners too.  And other things take priororities I guess.  I'm never home anymore, and when I am, I'm working.  LOL.  Maybe I need a house cleaner.  Hey, wouldn't it be so cool if your books became so good at selling that I could get a house keeper!!  Now that is a positive thought, cause if I could afford one, then you could too!!! hehehehe

I'm pretty cheap, I'd clean my own house and take an extra vacation! hahahahaha!!  All the changes are made.  Peg

Oh, p.s.  I'm still not sure it's my email that is broken.  I"m not having problems with anyone else.  Are you having email issues with anyone else??  I suppose we could look at the server. (again)

Let me ask you.  Email is part of the deal with the host. (the place where the website is hosted).  You are paying for it.  I've used that company and never had an issue.  I still use that company as a matter of fact.  But, switching to Google is free.  We'd still be using the same emails we are using now.  And the problem might go away, and then we'd know it wasn't either of us with the problem.  I've gone this route for others for other reasons.  The historical society uses gmail.  I put them on gmail because it automatically gives you free access to their office suite and free server space for documents and such.  I did the same when i was administering a network up here at a little school in Roseburg. I have done that with all my recent jobs I think, now that I think on it.  Of course, every time I put a client on gmail, I get 15 more gigabytes of server space. hahahaha!!!  There are benefits to this job.  Anyway, if you want to read about it, I'd google "googles office suite" because that is the main product, that makes it all worth it.   There is a free tier and a paid tier.  I know NO one using the paid tier.  Though I'm sure they are out there.  :) P

7/14/2018 - As far as I know, if I got all your descriptions, then I have them all completed. I suppose I should have made a list.  I did not even think about it.  Have you read the frog & toad series?  LOL!  elementary school book.  In one of the books the main story was about lists.  For some reason out of the whole series, that is the one, I really remember.

Don't forget today is museum day.  Only one week now until we have paint day!  :) Throwing a paint party trying to get the public involved, with the museum. If nothing else, it will be intereting.


15 July 2018:  No museum was yesterday.  Today is just Sunday.  I can't get myself to do a thing.  I definately am slow today. Haven't even fed my chickens!! LOL  P

17 July 2018:  Working on Prefixes (GA123).  I am glad its a short book -64 pages.  It got squished and scrambled. LOL  The weather man promises cooler weather in a few days.  This is a good thing.  This heat is yukky.  I am thankful for the air conditioner/heater that Clyde put in last year. I worked on that same book yesterday.  Not going too fast.  Yesterday I was distracted.  My youngest spent the night.  And drama with Wesley.  the potential boss who was going to apprentice him in a plumber job, decided that Wesley had to get off the meds. He has no clue how much he does not want that.  So, There was the fallout.  I can only listen to Wesley for a little while, and then I get overwhelmed. This time I told him to figure out what he wanted, set a goal, and do it.  He only needs himself to truly succeed.  So, far that has lasted a day or so.

Got your message about the phone texts.  Use the 541-900-3858 number.  Clyde's takes texts too: 541-900-3857

Something kind of funny, I have actually thought to do the older easier books first, when it sunk in what was involved.  But, I sort of viewed that as cheating for some reason  I will say, that I sent you emails twice (that you obviously haven't gotten) suggesting that you send me hard copies of the older books if you can.  There are a couple, I think Alphabits is one of them, where it was already scanned once.  I am not sure I was the scanner, but it doesn't matter because they (it) was scanned with a website in mind and not a print book. So, your older books have to be rescanned, this time at 300 dpi instead of 72 dpi.

While the scanner scans, I can fix a few things in another book. LOL.  Once those pages are scanned, I only have to do is convert them over to pdf files and merge them back into a book.  They will go pretty fast.  It will probably be the scanning that takes the most time. 

I really have no idea what Wesley's potential employer is thinking..  I'm really fighting the urge to put my 2 cents into it.  At some point, Wesley needs to learn to navigate this stuff on his own, and there is no better time than the present to start on that project.   He told his boss, he's willing to try and get off the sleep pills.  He inherited insomnia from his mother... it is bad.  But, I lived with it for years and had no clue that I had insomnia. lol!  I did remind Wes that one of his doctors in Grants Pass said that once the hormones settle down, bi polar has a tendency to get better for some people.  So, there is a chance that he might not need some of those meds.  He had a doctor while in jail that told him he didn't need his meds, and took him off, cold turkey.  He lost it.   The phone calls were something else: "Mom, they are trying to kill me with jail pills."  Apparently he started chewing his skin off.  Removed a tatoo or two that way.  Doctors decided he DID indeed need his meds, and called me and asked me to bring them in.  So, I don't know.  Like my son, I'm not sure that I'm willing to take the chance.    You know there are programs out there for people who are disabled and want to work.  I told him he needs to talk to them, because they'll have a councelor/work specialist/social worker people or persons who will understand him more, and be able to help guide him properly.  And if he wants to be a plumber then they will help him be a plumber!   You can see that I'd err on the side of  having supportive people around. He's a handful when he's manic, and people need to realize this. I think this boss, is a fixer.  Or at least he thinks he is. Truth is some people need to be left more or less alone and encouraged not fixed so much.

I like the name Wesley, too.  I agreed with my (then) father in law to name his William Wesley.  Well, I have several Williams on my side of the family.  And of course, everyone took it  the name the wrong way.  I never knew Uncle Bill.  Well, William Wesley was a nod to my father in law's step grandfather who raised him.  While still in the hospital after having him, a nurse came into my room calling him "billy"  --- I have a cousin billy who is dead because he was the "other man" and the husband caught Billy in his bed with his wife.  My dad's older brother is named Marvin William ,and so he thought Wesley was named for him.  So, I took it all back, and reversed their order.  He is Wesley William.  I wanted the Wesley name, but was never interested in William and had absolute discust for the name billy.  Don't ask me why.  Those William's on my dad's side though are dysfunctional as all get out.  My uncle marvin was my cousin billy's father, and he liked to brag about how my step mother was a hand me down to my dad.  And he bragged about how he and Billy swapped women.  I love them, they are my family, but I don't have to like anything about their behaviors.  I suspect that is probably where the discust for the name came from.  My Uncle Bill, whom I never knew, he died four months before I was born, died because he was driving very drunk. 

That is the legacy of being Irish Fighters --- McClaskey.  I now, have a photo of my Uncle Bill holding my dad as a little guy, with Uncle Marvin standing behind him, about as tall as Uncle Bill's knee cap.  There is another one or two kids there.  And hes got a quart of beer in one hand.    Anywho.. Wesley, I love.  No Wesley's in the family until you get back a few generations, and they are on the other side of the family.  LOL, My maternal grandmother's dysfunctional family.  They were dysfunctional for a totally different reason though.  The parents died very young, leaving the kids split up with neighbors and family.    Yup genealogy is my thing!! hahaha.  OK, I sure hope it gets cooled down tonight.  Supposed to get to 59. I'm really looking forward to the cooler weather.  :)
"See you tomorrow." 

BTW, my vote is with Zoe, I want Hawaii too, after that dog goned volcano is done doing it's thing! LOL  P


18 July 2018

Now, Amazon enables you to purchase multiple copies of your eBook in a single order.

As an author, a great way to build your brand is to run giveaways, gift your eBooks to readers at a conference, and/or send an eBook to your newsletter subscribers.

When you purchase multiple copies of a Kindle book on Amazon, we create a set of redemption links, one for each copy of the eBook. You can distribute these links to any reader on Amazon.com.

To get started, find an eBook, choose “Buy for Others”, and select the quantity of eBooks you’d like to purchase.

Visit our Help Page to learn more about our new Kindle feature “Buy for others”.

What the next page looks like:
With Prefixes, I think I'm finding it easier to just start over from scratch.  Print out the pages from the good copy, and go from there.  These pages are slow going other wise. 

Just thought you might like to know.  This is the worst of it though.  Peg

19 July 2018  Warning, Will Robertson, Warning -- this is a LONG one. hahahaha

I see you have been busy today.  I was busy too, but in different ways. I slept in a little.  Helped outside some.  We started to head to Roseburg when the shifter could not engage in the clutch or something like that.  We had to get off the road twice because of the shifter.

So, we have an appointment at 10 to have it looked at and hopefully fixed, at the Aamco.  In the meantime the neighbor we bought the car from has said, " oh yes, I forgot to tell you it had transmission problems."  This car had only 55K miles on it. Our neighbor raced cars in his younger days.  One of his girlfriends hated the way he drove.  I am very sure now, that he drives his cars hard.  I was going to stay home and work tomorrow.  But, I'd like to go.  So, I am.  :)

Just so you know, I'm not looking for flaws in your ideas.  But, I do have to tell you what I know is involved.  btw, scanning those old programs.  If I can unstaple them and get them into single page format, then I can just run them through the feeder on the scanner.
Electronics don't care if you walk away, so while the scanner does it's thing, I can do mine.  I will go in and save the scans to images, and then put in the next set.  :)  It is really no big deal..  The hard part will be fitting them into the template.  Hopefully, they'll be in the right perspective? ratio?  You know, the letters look right and stuff. 

I will look at Prefixes, Suffixes, & Roots.  :)

you said:

I still think the pick and choose if something looks easier to work with
would get some more books ready and the others are still available, and
save you from too much frustration.

I started out that way, picking and choosing.  Then we got concerned that perhaps we should have the major sellers on there first.  So, that is my concern. I'll tell you, I might as well, mix them up.  I don't want all that frustration at the end.  Though it might make being finished feel like I really accomplished something. hahahaha.  Perhaps, I'll drop them all in the Amazon template and just see what they look like, and go from there.  I'll look extra hard at Prefixes, Suffixes & Roots. 

I am learning in my old age to deal with my frustration pretty good I think.  Sometimes the books make me frustrated.  But, I just keep at it, and eventually, I figure out your "pattern" for that particular book, then things become easier.  This one I'm on now, Prefixes, is the most jumbled up one yet.  I thought Latin & Greek were bad!!  And I do believe that it would be easier to just start over again, at least with the lessons.  The table of contents is ok, any references in the back will be super easy.

Nothing like changing the subject during such important stuff. Saturday is museum day.  And it's going to be a particularly long day for me.  We are throwing a paint party, trying to people to come out and paint.  There will be free food for those who work.
The museum was going to cost 18K just to paint.  The whole board will be there, as will be some volunteers.  Since I will not be crawling up the scaffoling (No not for a million bucks!!).  I am supposing my main job will be moral, giving tours if I can, and just in general

being there.  Help where I can.  I am hoping that the television or radio or newspapers will show up. I did a press release. I guess we will see.

L&G, Social Studies is $12.95 now. You see it online like that within  three days (their promise)

Those desciptions, were copied from the website.  Most of them went over the character limit, and so I had to start hacking.  It is HARD, to hack something when every word means something. I feel better knowing you are reviewing them. You have done very well staying in the character limit by the way. Very, very good.    And I am glad you like my work.  I try not to be a complainer.  What's funny about it.  I've worked hard physical work in my life.  My uncle was proud of me when at 32 yrs. of age, I jumped into a job, and impressed the men because I kept up with them.  But, this is a job that can be really, really tiring.  I need to concentrate and pay attention to detail.  There are days when I am done when I feel like I kept up with the men!!! LOL

I would not say you made a mess.  What you did was great for what we were doing.  We were concentrating on a digital format.  There  are two reasons (that I know of for the mess) 1. Amazon's template (that makes it their fault. Maybe we should sue em! LOL) & 2.) Going from an older version of Wod to a newer version of  Word, is probaby also an issue.  I'm noticing that the old files are coming up in "compatiabillity mode".  The othing that will be more important now, is that we need to embed the fonts, and I'm finding that sometimes I dont have the font you use.  To make it look right, I have find that font and install it.  Anyway, we can blame Microsoft too.  Bill Gats is rich, we could sue him.  I wanted to go to Bahama, after I visit the Scandinavian countries.  I am a good 20% Danish, Irish, Welch, Scottish.  I also found out that I am 2% Jewish. One of the special branches.  starts with an A.  Its a LONG word. Prefixes, Suffixes, & Roots didnt' help me to understand it. hahahahaha  Let's sue Bill Gates....

Refresh your page.  Short circuit does not say rejected on my version.  That scared me, I thought I missed something!!!

I will do what ever you think is right.  And I do believe that Fluency, and  Reading the News should be put on top of the list.

Audio issues:  I do not believe that they will make CDs for you (Yet).  What I have discovered is that you are allowed to have links in the Kindle Version.  Which means, people can click in their book to go to the lesson, which we already have online.  We can include in the back of the book directons for saving to their computer, or physical memory (jump drives, thumb drives, SD cards, etc) or CD/DVD/BlueRay.  wow, that might be a chapter unto it self.  I think most people will will get the click thing though, folks are pretty good on their computes these days.  So, what you can do for me. I can send you the Kindle Version, cause it's on my computer, and you can go though and write down where links should go.  Hopefully, between the two of us we won't miss a place where a link belongs.  Make a new forward, or direction page, explaining that the lessons are available online, just click the link, and if they'd like the CD for purposes of making things easier for them (Or whatever) they can buy the CD for $$XX.xx  + plus shipping/handling.  I can design a form for the book for that.  I just need the particulars.

I actually expect myself to go pretty fast on Reading the News.  Not sure about the others.  Anyway, I'll paste the links in.   We can also add photographs in, if you like.  I just need to make sure they are 300dpi.   So, that is my plan, for now.   Should we decide to go with that smaller format so that book stores will buy them, then I'd expect the worksheets to be left out and made into a download for printing, or put on CD.   I like the link idea, because it makes being successful pretty dog goned easy & cheap.  At least I hope, on good days, I have a tendency to see the glass 1/2 full. I might not start Reading the News until Monday.

We will have to go over Reading the News twice, once for the KIndle Version and once for the print version.  BTW, the print version, we can print the links into the book.  It's ok to do that.  The pages will be different in each format.  A link that might belong on page 10 in the Print version, may not show up until page 15 in Kindle format.    Confusing yet?? LOL --   Oh, maybe you got mixed up? cause it looks like Learning to Read with Real Books was rejected.  I did not see the rejection letter come in at all.  So, I resubmitted so they could tell me again, what is wrong.  The time I submitted the book, there was one issue with the type, where it was something that was not fixable. I can not remember what it was. They will tell me.  It will be worked out and fine. 

20 July 2018 - Short note tonight. I think.  You got three royalty payments today.  I have not looked.  This email address gets the notices.  I had been forwarding them to you, but that doesn't do us any good.

You know, I wonder if a fire wall on your router might be blocking the email.  One wrong click by a tech is all it would take.  Wow, wish I had thought of that sooner.   Anyway, Clyde had an idea.  I am going to print a page of the good prefix book. and scan it, and lay it into a template and see how it prints.  I do not think the quality will be as good as a regular word file.  I will attach the original prefixes word files that I have from 2012, I think 2012.  Anyway, I have them.  Even if it does come out in good quality page, 64 pages of photos which is what a scan is, will be a HUGE file.  As long as Amazon will accept it then we are good.  If not it's back to square one.  And by the way, The reason we can get away with that with the older books is because they are much smaller, and so the file size won't be so huge. 

You can send the CD's anytime you want.  Maybe by then the car will be back and I can come get them in person. hehehe!!

Oh, we dropped off the car today after talking to Aamco yesterday.  We thought we were going for a check of the system on their machine, and then a 4-6 hour job on the clutch.  Rebuilding that whole clutch system.  Well, they did the check and the whole tranny is just toast.  I hope we can trust them.  All I know is we'd have to get off the road, stop the car, get it to go into gear (eventually) and then we could go again.  So the job jumped from an $800 to $1200 job, to a $1900 to $2400 job.  We just paid off $2,000 in credit card bills, and were so proud of us!  If it is not one thing it's another.   The neighbor who sold us the car has admitted that he was having trouble with the transmission and its why he sold it.  I wish he would have told us.  He used to drive race cars, and he's like 79 yrs old now.  He went out and bought himself a 90's model Firebird with a V-8.  It is SOOOO COOL, and it sounds so GOOOD!!  He has two other vehicles.  I told Clyde I think he should loan us his other car. LOL!!!  Course, like I told Clyde, I was venting.

About Reading the News... I think two ads in the back?? One for like Latin & Greek series (which is built already) and one for the CD's?? 

Don't forget you can send the new descriptions any time you want.   And if I understood your question right.  There are two places you can look at the descriptions. On the ad itself, on each product page, or log in, and click on the 'bookshelf'  on the right side of the page, are a couple of buttons that are for each book.  The top one is always for kindle books, and the bottom one is always for paperbacks....OOOOOH, typing this made me realize I might have boo-booed, I'll have to check myself tomorrow morning.    IF you click those buttons a menu of buttons (or links come up) and the second one down is something like "book details" (this is where the title, author, keywords, and description goes).  Click on that one and thats the other place you can read it.  And if you want to be brave and try it, its also where you paste in the new description over the top of the old.  But, you don't have to be brave.  You can just send them to me. lol, If I tell you all the secrets, I'll be out of a job. hahahaha

BTW, just an FYI, the reason Learning to Read with Real Books was rejected is because the border is too thin.  We either need to widen it, or get rid of it, or bring the font in more and in a bit more and widen it inward.  It's pretty close to the outter edge so I thought I'd choose to do a 'bleed' on this one and make the border go to the edge.   I will get this done first thing in the morning. 

Isn't this fun. You will have nearly my whole attention the next 2 weeks, I've had to cancel appointments (well, reschedule them) and Jury duty and other stuff.  Forgot to tell you I have Jury Duty coming up. I actually  left them a message, it is possible the car will be back by then, or that I will only miss a day or two.  So, I'm going to let them decide just what to do with me.   I always wanted to be on Jury Duty.  I wanted to see how it works.  Now, I've seen it from the "victims" side, but I still want to see it from a side where I am to take no sides until it's time. 

Ok, I am done.  I will get the cover on Learning first.  Then I will start on Reading the News.  It has been a LONG time since I've looked at Reading the News, but if I remember right, it's written more like Learning to Read with Real books. IF it is constructed like that, I will get done pretty quick.  Then I will send you a copy so you can tell me where to put the links.  :)

 Nuts, I have forgotten, Core Reading before Reading the News? Or Vice Versa??   

When you put in the 'link' in the book for Core Reading.  You can just put in the word link, I think I will know what it means, and I'll look for the appropriate audio. If you could make it red, and maybe bold, it would be easier for me to see.  Thanks.

Did you get your new phone yet??  When you get it email me your phone number.  I can send you updates about things.  And you can take your time learning to answer.

And while you are learning to answer, keep in mind to look for a little microphone.  We can talk into the messenger, and it types our message for us.  It makes it go much faster, and all we have to do is make sure it is readable.  Sometimes the software 'hears'  word wrong.  I have  a friend who was talking to her husband about raspberries.  The phone 'heard' it as  a very bad word.  "B***hes!!!  We both laughed about that one.   I won't even get to go to the paint party tomorrow.  No car!  No running car.  The corvair is our 2nd car now.  The carbs are rebuilt, and reinstalled, so she idols now.  Clyde has the backseat and the drivers side seat cleaned up and installed.  You would not believe what good shape the seats are in!  We are going to by seat covers (if we can find some to fit) to protect the original material.  Eventually.  Clyde's uncle got the paper work notorized on his end, and sent back up here.  So, we are waiting on California for all that mess. He has it 1/2 way buffed out.  There is still some things to do.   Ok, Im shutting up... cause I lied, it's another long email. hahahaha.  I had two boyfriends in the long ago past, that said I wrote books when I sent them letters.  I just NEVER run out of things to say!!! LOL P

21 July 2018 - After looking over Reading the News, I know where to put links.  I just need to see what you think.  I was thinking about a title page and putting a link to each audio on that page.  And then one of us can write a note upfront saying the links are there, and to look for them.  We can do an index if you think it's necessary.   And then of course, there will be the ad for the CDs in the back. 

Bummer about missing the phone.  :(    And as far as the descriptions go.  No one knows your product like you do.  And I know I've picked up a lot of the lingo along the years, but truth is, between the two of us, you have that one mastered.  There is NO doubt in my mind you are improving them.   When I wrote one that needed to be restrained, I often had trouble decidng what should be there.  You know what needs to be there. 

You got another royalty payment last night.  They must be small.  lol.  money is money though.  Reading the News, at least is small chunks.  I can make myself feel like each lesson is a book and celebrate after reach the end.  LOL!  I will enjoy the Joy, for the sake of Joy.  hehehehe.   Core Reading might be long, but the truth is, that is has to be done.  I know it's an important product to have out there. 

Done for now. Going to work.  :)   Our mechanic guy friend (owns a car fix up business for 40 yrs) called his transmission friend and ran our estimate by him.   His friend said we are getting a good price.  I thought that was a nice thing to do.  Aamco said we could have brought in our own parts, and we could have gotten a really good discount on the parts, cause our friend charges us cost.  But, then we wouldn't have the warrenty.  we both think that is pretty important.  

Ok, going to work now.  LOL

I Have to go over old emails. I don't remember just which one I am doing next.  I'm pretty sure you had a preference. LOL.

BTW, the music one, I can work on that one too.  These things just take time.  We'll just have to have patience.  I dont know about you, but patience has never been my forte' .  LOL!! Though I'm way better at it then I was when I was much younger.

Something funny, Peggy the Procrastonator.  I opened up Core Reading to look at it.  Suddenly, I was looking the other way, and realizing I still had not washed my cabnets.  I've been looking at them for months.  The vitamin D deficency took a lot out of
me, and so I look most the time and say, "I'll get those soon."  Today I looked at the cabinets, and I was ready to start!!  I got up to look for a bucket. I am a professional at distracting myself. LOL -- thing is, yesterday evening, Clyde had me helping him to run cable and electrical under the house.  All I had to do was make sure none of it got kinked before it entered under the house.  And he needed help pushing the electric wire.   It was a huge wire, and I pushed and he pulled.  After I did that, I had to go into the house and watch where it was going to come up and pull it up into the house.  That electrical wire, really took it out of me.  I don't think I am capable of mowing grass yet.  Anyway, just thought maybe you would laugh with me as I caught my procrastination

ah, a friend (82 yrs old.), he's got a 'scam' on his computer.  He brings it onto himself, I've told him how to avoid it. He doesn't mind me very well.  Anyway, he could not turn on his remote control software.  The only way for him to get it fixed is to bring it to me.  So, they will be here soon.  I am not sure how long it will take me.  Just an FYI.

Per core reading: Clyde said to tell you that it won't be the first "breakdown I've lived through."  I have to admit, he is telling the truth.  Once in a while, I have what I'd call a melt down.  Most the time it is really over Wesley... I get overwhelmed with him. 
I looked at Core Reading to refresh my memory.  How the lessons are laid out, it might move over to the template with less mess than let's say, Prefixes. ahahahaha

24 July 2018

Will spending today installing encryption onto the website.  Google has decided its time to be the enforcer and force everyone with a website to use encryption.  I found a free version. I am installing now.  And something has gone wrong. So, bear with me!!  I"m glad some books are on Amazon. P